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If only it was as easy to banish hunger by rubbing the belly as to masturbate.

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"Classic" Baked Potato
salymander wrote in eat_tasty
Baked Potato Ingredients
Grated carrot
Garbonzo beans

"Sour Cream" Sauce
1 Tbs sour cream
1 half cup butter
1 tsp garlic

Those of us with IC know that you can't just sit down and eat sour cream. It's just too sour. I got the idea for this sauce, or dip if you will, when I wanted to eat an artichoke. My mom used to always make artichokes with mayonaise--another lovely tart condiment that most of us just can't handle. There's nothing else in the world really similar to it though. What to do? I decided to add a little sour cream to butter, because the flavor is really all you need. You don't need a lot! And the garlic helps too. If this is too sour for you, I suggest simply whipping the butter and garlic and allowing it to rest overnight. This will be almost as good.

Bake or steam potato and slice as you desire, with or without skin. Dollop on the sauce and then pile on toppings. With perhaps a touch of grated mozzarella. Eat.



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